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Quick Tent (2 person)


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This tent really is incredible! It sets up almost as easy as opening an umbrella...

6 Simple Steps In Just Seconds!
This unique tent with its patented pole structure is designed to offer maximum utility and convenience. It is constructed with the finest materials available and is designed, with a minimum amount of practice, to be set-up within ten seconds or less. 


Step 1
Unroll.jpg (10734 bytes)
Unroll the tent until you can see all the poles.

Step 2
Grasp.jpg (9057 bytes)
Lift the top joint assembly high enough so the poles drop to the ground, then shake until the pole sections snap into place.

Step 3
Spread.jpg (9256 bytes)
Spread the poles out as far as possible (the floor of the tent should be flat). Inspect each pole to make sure they are connected.

Step 4
Reach.jpg (10559 bytes)
Reach inside and grab the bottom joint assembly. Push it up smoothly while pulling down on the nylon alignment rod.

Step 5
Joints.jpg (11760 bytes)
Adjust the door and screen flaps. These can be positioned at any height for maximum privacy and ventilation.

Step 6
Rainfly.jpg (15293 bytes)
You are now ready to put the rain-fly on the Quick Tent. Remove the rain-fly from its bag and align the pole sections so they snap together into one straight pole. In the center of the pole there is a sleeve with a hole in it. Place it on the top of the tent where the nylon rod is sticking up. Now find the bungee loops on the bottom corners of the rain-fly and stretch the bungee loops down and under the stakes.

My friend and I were backpacking into an area referred to as the "Wilderness Of No Return". It was a long hike to our destination and it looked like it was going to rain. Sure enough the last 3 miles or so we were hiking in the rain and mud. When we arrived at our campsite it took as long to find a suitable flat area as it did to put up my Quick Tent. It really did set up in just a few seconds. I had the tent unpacked, popped up, and the rain-fly in place in about two minutes. Within five minutes after arriving in camp we had a dry shelter ready for us. Instead of dreading to put up my tent I look forward to showing off how quick and easy my Quick Tent is. This tent really is incredible! It sets up almost as easy as opening an umbrella. I'd recommend the Quick Tent for everybody.

Quick Tent Owner, W. Davidson

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i, I'm 14 years old and a Varsity Scout. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy my Quick Tent!
I never have to worry about lost poles or parts. When we arrived at summer camp last year it was raining. No problem, I had my Quick Tent up so fast that all my friends were yelling, "no fair".
I love my Quick Tent and can't imagine using anything else.

Quick Tent Owner,
Anonymous Scout

Oh oh, I thing my pole's broke.
Hey, my pole's broke and I think part of it's lost. Don't know what to tell ya. Ya Shoulda bought a Quick Tent!

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I flew into Anchorage, Alaska on the 6th of August, then went directly to Kenai and spent one night in the lodge preparing for the hunt. We then flew to the Hatchautna Caribou herd out on the Tundra plains. We were to stay in tents. I was given a Quick Tent. It was a less expensive tent than the others were and I was the one that was to try it out. During our eleven days out in the bush we experienced many different weather conditions. At times the wind would blow strong enough that I could use it as a back support. I noticed that when the strongest winds would arise the tent walls would actually lay close to the ground, this bothered me because I thought that there was no way the tent could handle this kind of abuse. I am pleased to announce that the Quick Tent passed every test, it withstood the wind as well as the rain. Some of the other brands of tents had torn fabric, ripped out seams, and bent poles. The Quick Tent had no tears or rips. It had sustained no problems that inhibited the take down as well as setup at the next campsite.

Quick Tent Owner, D. Taylor

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Well, last summer I took the QUICK TENT to scout camp and almost every day it rained and rained and rained. All the other tents were soaking wet inside and almost everybody had to go into another tent with other people from our troop. I was one of the 3 people to stay in there own tent.

Quick Tent Owner, J. Rockwell

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Just wanted to tell you that the Quick Tent is the most convenient tent that I have ever used or seen. It's speed is the thing I like best. I have had many camping trips where I set up my tent after dark. The Quick Tent sets up so fast that even if it's raining or very late you can go to bed without taking two hours to set up your tent. I am very excited abut my Quick Tent!

Quick Tent Owner, J. Jones (18 yrs old)

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Dear Sirs,

After purchasing my Quick Tent I as amazed at how easy it was to set up. I especially like the 2 doors (one on each side) that made easy access for me and my partner. This also eliminates having to crawl over each other. The materials used in the Quick Tent appear to be very high quality. Another feature I liked was its light weight and durability. After tracking sand and pine needles into it I just picked up the tent, tipped it upside down and shook all the debris out of the two doors. I also liked the no-see-um screens on both doors. I would recommend the Quick Tent to anybody.

Quick Tent Owner, R. Kemp



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